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Name of the tested product

Name of tests or determined parametres

The code of NS of method of test






wheat -Determination of organoleptic indicators; (Smell, color, external view) ГОСТ 10967-90
-Determination of moisture; ГОСТ 13586.5-2015
-Determination the amount of of garbage, special mixtures of wheat,tiny and greatness ГОСТ 13586.2-83
-Determination of stickiness; ГОСТ 13586.1-2015
-Pest infection and injury; ГОСТ 13586.4-83
-Determination of sort ГОСТ 10840-64
-Determination of ash content ГОСТ 10847-74
-Determination of starch; ГОСТ 10845-98
-Determination of germination energy and germination capacity; ГОСТ 10968-88
-Determination of acidity ГОСТ 10844-74
-Determination of vitreous ГОСТ 10987-76
-Antiomony grain,general grain,infection louse ГОСТ 30483-97
-Determination of stickiness; ГОСТ 13586.1-2015
-Determination of slump; ГОСТ 27676-88
2 flour -Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 27558-87
-Moisture; ГОСТ 9404-88
-Pest infection and injuryə; ГОСТ 13586.4-83
-Ash content; ГОСТ 27494-87

-Determination of starch;

ГОСТ 10845-98

-Being fine;

ГОСТ 27560-87

- Quantity
- Quality

ГОСТ 27839-88

- Metal-magnetic blend;

ГОСТ 20239-74

-Pest infection, pest contamination;

ГОСТ 27559-87

-Infection to "Potato disease" with pests in bread made from wheat flour;

ГОСТ 27669-88



-Determination of organoleptic indicators;

ГОСТ 26312.2


ГОСТ 26312.7

-Ash content;

ГОСТ 26312.5


ГОСТ 26312.4

-Pest infection;

ГОСТ 26312.3


wheat cereals

-High-quality core;

ГОСТ 26312.4-84



-Pest infection;

ГОСТ 26312.3-84

-Metal-magnetic blend;

ГОСТ 20239-74



-Determination of organoleptic indicators;

ГОСТ 14849-89



-Storage capacity of shape of cooked goods;

-The share of mass of crumb;

-The share of mass of deforming product ;

-Metal-magnetic blend;

-The presence of pests of grain reserves;


Loaf of bread

-Determination of organoleptic indicators;

ГОСТ 5667-65

-Moisture of soft part;

ГОСТ 21094-75

-Acidity of soft part;

ГОСТ 5670-96

-Porosity; ГОСТ 5669-96


Legumes (beans, lentils,peas, lərgə, soy, etc.)

-Determination of organoleptic indicators;

ГОСТ 10967

-Mix of garbage,mix of wheat, pest infection;

ГОСТ 30483

-Pest infection, pest contamination;

ГОСТ 13586.4-83


Natural honey

-Determination of organoleptic indicators;

ГОСТ 19792-01

-Determination of pollen;

-Determination of share of mass of water;

-Determination of share of mass reducing sugar and sucrose;

-Determination of diastas;

-Determination of oksimelit furflor;

-Determination of total acidity;



-Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 5897-90

-Determination of sugar;

ГОСТ 5903-89

-Determination of acidity and alkalinity;

ГОСТ 5898-87

-The determination of the share mass of oil;

ГОСТ 31902-2012

-The determination of moisture and dry substances;

ГОСТ 5900-2014

-Determination of sulfuric acid;

ГОСТ 26811-2014

-Determination of metal mixture and ash content;

ГОСТ 5901-2014


Catering food

-Determination of moisture and dry residue;

ГОСТ 3626-73

-Determination of the share mass of oil;

ГОСТ 5867-90

-Determination of table salt;

ГОСТ 9957-2015

-Determination of the total acidity;

ГОСТ 3624-92

-Determination of alcohol; ГОСТ 13191-73



-The determination of moisture and dry residue;

ГОСТ 12570-98

-Determination of sucrose;

ГОСТ 12571-98

-Determination of metal mixture;

ГОСТ 12573-2013
-Determination of ash content; ГОСТ 12574-93
-Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 12576-2014
-Determination of net weight; ГОСТ 26521-85


Fruits, vegetables and products of their distillation -Determination of collapse in extracts; ГОСТ 8756.9-78
-Determination of Letina; ГОСТ 8756.10-2015
-Determination of acidity; ГОСТ 25555.0-82
-Determination of mineral mixtures; ГОСТ 25555.3-82
-Determination of ash content; ГОСТ 25555.4-91
-Determination of sulfur-dioxin; ГОСТ 25555.5-2014
-Determination of pH; ГОСТ 26188-84
-The share mass of dry substances and moisture ; ГОСТ 28561-90
-Determination of mixtures; ГОСТ 26323-2014
-Determination of chloride; ГОСТ 26186-84


Animal and vegetable oils -Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 5472-50
-Determination of ash content; ГОСТ 5474-66
-Determination of iodine; ГОСТ 5475-69
-Determination of acidity; ГОСТ 31933-2012
-Determination of color; ГОСТ 5477-2015
-Determination of the ignition temperature; ГОСТ 9287-59
-Determination of moisture and volatile acids; ГОСТ 11812-66
-Determination of saponification; ГОСТ 5479-64
-Determination of foamingsubstance substances; ГОСТ 5481-2014
-Determination of peroxide; ГОСТ 26593-85
-soap quality response; ГОСТ 5480-59
- Determination of fatty acids; ГОСТ 51483-99
ГОСТ 51486-99
ГОСТ 31633-2012
ISO 12966-4:2015


Spices -Determination of organoleptic indicators;  
-Determination of ash content; ГОСТ 28878-90
-Determination of mixtures; ГОСТ ISO 927-2014
-Determination of moisture; ГОСТ 28879-90
ГОСТ 28606-90


Tea -Determination of dry matter; ГОСТ ISO 1572-2013
-Determination of ash content; ГОСТ ISO 1576-20130
ГОСТ ISO 1575-2013
-Determination of tannin and coffee; ГОСТ ISO 10727-2013
- Determination of organoleptic indicators;
-Determination of metal bleed;
ГОСТ 32170-2013
ГОСТ 32572-2013
17 Coffee, cocoa powder -Determination of the mass share of caffeine; ГОСТ P 51182-98


Soft drinks, juices -Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 6687.5-86
ГОСТ 23268.1-91
-Determination of dry matter; ГОСТ 6687.2-90
-Determination of acidity; ГОСТ 6687.4-86
-Determination of gruff; ГОСТ 31954-2012
-Determination of active chlorine; ГОСТ 18190-72
-Determination of dry residue; ГОСТ 18164-72
-Determination of sulfate; ГОСТ 319402013
ГОСТ 23268.4-78
-Determination of benzoic acid and sorbin; NMKL 124, 1997 (ГОСТ 23268.4-78)
-Determination of nitrates; ГОСТ 33045-2014
-Determination of carbon dioxide; ГОСТ 23268.2-91
-Determination of hydrocarbons; ГОСТ 23268.3-78
-Determination of calcium, magnesium; ГОСТ 23268.5-78
-The determination of sodium ions; ГОСТ 23268.6-78
-Determination of ammonium ion; ГОСТ 23268.10-78


Baby food -Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 29245-91
-Determination of the share mass of oil; ГОСТ 30648.1-99
-Determination of proteins; ГОСТ 30648.2-99
-Determination of active acidity; ГОСТ 30648.5-99
-Determination vitamins of A group; ГОСТ 30627.1-98
-Determination vitamins of C group; ГОСТ 30627.2-98
-Determination vitamins of E group; ГОСТ 30627.3-98
-Determination vitamins of PP group; ГОСТ 30627.4-98
-Determination vitamins of B group; -ГОСТ 30627.5-98;


Poultry meat and eggs -Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 7702.0-74
-Determination of the physical and chemical indicators; ГОСТ 30364.1-97
-Determination of freshnes; ГОСТ 31470-2012
-The share mass of moisture; ГОСТ 31962-2013
21 gelatin -Determination of organoleptic and physical-chemical indicators; ГОСТ 11293-89
22 starch -Determination of organoleptic and physical-chemical indicators; ГОСТ 33444-2015
23 Table salt -Determination of iodine and sodium thiosulfate;
-Determination of the physical and chemical parameters;
ГОСТ 51575-2000
ГОСТ 33770-2016
ГОСТ 33769-2016
ГОСТ 33771-2016


Milk and milk products -Determination of pasterilization ; ГОСТ 3623-2015
-Determination of acidity; ГОСТ 3624-92
ГОСТ 30305.3-95
ГОСТ 30648.4-99
- Determination of density; ГОСТ 3625-84
-Determination of moisture and dry substances; ГОСТ 3626-73
ГОСТ 30305.1-95
-Determination of sodium chloride; ГОСТ 3627-81
-Determination of sugar; ГОСТ 3628-78
-Determination of oil; ГОСТ 5867-90
-Determination of protein; ГОСТ 23327-98
ГОСТ 25179-2014
-Determination of soda; ГОСТ 24065-80
-Determination of hydrogen peroxide; ГОСТ 24067-80
-Determination of pH; ГОСТ 32892-2014
-Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 28283-2015
-Determination of the index of resolution; ГОСТ 30305.4-95
-Determination of lactic acid; ГОСТ P 51196-98 (İSO 8069-86)
-Determination of nitrite and nitrate ГОСТ P 51460-99
-Determination of starch ГОСТ P 54759-2011
-Determination of phosphatase ГОСТ 3623-73
-Determination of strens; ISO 18252 İDF200
25 Spread butter and oils -fatty acids ГОСT P 52100-2003
ГОСT P 53253-2004


Meat and meat products -Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 7269-2015
ГОСТ 9959-2015
-Determination of nitrite; ГОСТ 8558.1-2015
ГОСТ 29299-92
-Determination of moisture; ГОСТ 9793-74
-Determination of starch; ГОСТ 10574-91
ГОСТ 29301-92
-Determination of salt; ГОСТ 9957-2015
-Determination of oil; ГОСТ 23042-2015
-Determination of protein; ГОСТ 25011-81
-Determination of freshness ГОСТ 7269-2015
ГОСТ 20235.0-74


Fish and fish products -Determination of organoleptic indicators; ГОСТ 7631-2008
-Determination of nitrogen, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide; ГОСТ 7636-85
-Determination of toxicity; ГОСТ 29136-91
-Determination of salt; ГОСТ 7636-85
ГОСТ 27207-87
-Determination of oil; ГОСТ 7636-85
-Determination of protein; ГОСТ 25011-81
-Determination of boric acid ГОСТ 27001-86
-Determination of histamine AOAC 977.13


Keeping the fat content of food products -Determination of pesticides; ГОСТ 13496.20-2014
ГОСТ 23452-2015
ГОСТ 30349-96
EN 1528:1996


Hazel -micotoxins (aflotoxin) Determination; ГОСТ 30771-01
ГОСТ 28038-89


-Meat and meat products;
-Milk and milk products;
-Grain mill products, cereal and a loaf of bread;
-Sugar and confectionery;
-Fruit and vegetable products;
-oil rawfoot and fat products;
-Baby food;
heavy metals:
- copper;
AOAC 999.11
-Determination of dioxin; EC 709/2014
EC 589/2014
-mold and yeast mushrooms; ГОСТ 10444.12-94
-MafanMM; ISO 4833-3013 (ГОСТ 10444.15-94, ГОСТ P 50396.1-92, ГОСТ 9958-81, ГОСТ P 25102-90, ГОСТ 9225-84)
-Determination of bowel bacteria bacillus; BÇBQ (kolformlar); İSO 4831-2006 (ГОСТ 7702.2 -93, ГОСТ P 50454-92, ГОСТ 30726-01, ГОСТ 26972-85, ГОСТ 50474-93, ГОСТ 9225-84)
-Determination of S-aureus; İSO 6888 -1+ A 2005 (ГОСТ 10444.2-94, ГОСТ 30347-97)
-Patogens and also salmonellas; İSO 6579-2003/Aİ; 2007 E (ГОСТ P 50396.0-92, ГОСТ 7702.2.3-93, ГОСТ P 50455-92, ГОСТ P 50480-93)
-sezium - Cs-137;
-Strontium - Sr-90;
MVİ.MN 1181-2011
-Determination of listeria monocytogenes İSO 11290-1:1996 (bənd 1)


Products containing GMOs -Determination of transgenics ISO 24276:2006


Alcoholic beverages (wine, vodka, beer) -Determination of ethyl alcohol; OIV-MA-AS 312-01A , ГОСТ 12787-81
-Density OIV-MA-AS2-01A
-Mass concentration of sugar OIV-MA-AS 311-01A
-The acidity OIV-MA-AS 313-01
ГОСТ 32114-2013
-volatile acids OIV-MA-AS 313-02
ГОСТ 32001-2012
-mass concentration of free SO2 OIV-MA-AS 323-04B
-The mass concentration of SO2 OIV-MA-AS 323-04
ГОСТ 32115-2013
-The mass concentration of extract OIV-MA-AS2-03B
-concentration of extract from the crowd OIV-MA-AS2-03B
-organoleptic indicators ГОСТ 32030, ГОСТ 30060-93
-pH OIV-MA-AS313-15 , ГОСТ 31764-2012
-turbidity exposure OIV-MA-AS2-08
-ash OIV-MA-AS2-04
-alkalinity OIV-MA-AS2-05
-true extractive ГОСТ 12787-81
-Determination of acidity ГОСТ 12788-87
-Determination of COLOR ГОСТ 12789-87
-Determination of CO2 ГОСТ 32038-2012
-Fe OIV-MA-AS322-05A
-Cu OIV-MA-AS322-06
-Pb OIV-MA-AS322-12
-Cd OIV-MA-AS322-10
-Zn OIV-MA-AS322-08
-As OIV-MA-AS323-01A
-Hg OIV-MA-AS323-06
-glucose + fructose OIV-MA-AS311-03
-sucrose OIV-MA-AS311-03
-cs137 radionuclide МВИ.МН 1181-2011
-sr90 radionuclide МВИ.МН 1181-2011
-microbiological research OIV-MA-E-AS4-01
-benzoic acid NMKL 124, 1997
-sorbin acid NMKL 124, 1997
-citric acid OIV-MA-AS313-09
-salicylic acid OIV -MA-AS313-20
-glycerine OIV-MA-AS311-03
Determination of co2 OIV-MA-AS314-01
-methanol ГОСТ51786-2001
-acetic aldehyde
-Croton aldehyde
-sivush oils
-izobuytl alcohol
-izoamyl alcohol
-methyl acetate
-ethyl acetate
-ethyl ether
-magnesium OIV-MA-E-AS322-07
-fluorides OIV-MA-E-AS321-03
-sulphates OIV-MA-E-AS321- 05A


Textile -Determination of formaldehyde ISO-14184-1-2011
-Basic violet-14
-Direct blue-6
-Direct brown-95
-di-isononyl phthalate (DINP)
-di- (2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP)
-di-n-octyl phthalate (DNOP)
-di-iso-decyl phthalate (DIDP)
-butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP)
-di-butyl phthalate (DBP)
-di-iso-butyl phthalate (DIBP)
-di-pentyl phthalate (DPP)
-di-iso-heptyl phthalate (DIHP)
-di- methoxyethyl phthalate (DMEP)
-Determination of pH İSO 3071-2005


Stationary (cardboard, paper and cellulose) -Determination of pH İSO-6588-1-2012


Plastic products, toys -Stibium


Synthetic detergents (whitening powders) -Determination of active oxygen (active oxygen-containing drugs) ГОСТ 32387-2013
-Organoleptic ГОСТ 25644-96
-The determination of alkaline components ГОСТ 32439-2013
-Determination of pH ГОСТ 32385-2013
-Determination of active chlorine (chlorine-containing drugs) ГОСТ 32386-2013
-Determination quantity of Anion SAM ГОСТ 32442-2013
-Determination of phosphorus-containing compounds ГОСТ 32444-2013
-Synthetic detergents (powders) -Organoleptic ГОСТ 25644-96
-The determination of alkaline components ГОСТ 32439-2013
-Determination of pH ГОСТ 32385-2013
-Determination of insoluble residue ГОСТ32440-2013
-Determination of active chlorine (chlorine-containing drugs) ГОСТ 32386-2013
-Determination quantity of Anion SAM ГОСТ 32442-2013
-Synthetic detergents (powders) -Determination of pH AZS 053-2001
-Organoleptic AZS 053-2001
-Determination quantity of Anion SAM AZS 053-2001
-Soap (liquid soap) -Determination of pH ГОСТ 29188.2-91
-Determination of the total amount of fatty acids
-Determination of resin acids
-The determination of the total amount of alkali (potassium oxide)
-Determination of the amount of insoluble of non-alcohol
AZS 226-2006
-he determination of the glycerol İSO 1066-1975
-Determination of the quantitiy of the free alkali İSO 684-1974
-Bar soap -Organoleptic
-The determination of the total amount of fatty acids
-The share of mass of Chloride (NaCl)
-Determination of resin acids
- Determination of the amount of insoluble of non-alcohol
AZS 226-2006


Leather Products -Heavy metals ГОСТ P ISO 17072-1-2015
-Shoe and its parts (Skin),PVX (PVC), EVA (etilvinilasetat), rubber, PU, TPU (polyurethane-termopoliuretan), PE-PP (Polyethylene-polypropylene containing) -Naphthalene
-Benzo (a) anthracene
-Benzo (e) pyrene
-Benzo (b) fluoranthene
-Benzo (k) fluoranthene
-Benzo (j) fluoranthene
-Indene (1.2.3 cd) pyrene
-Dibenzo (a.h) antracene
-Benzo (g.h.i) perylene
ISO-TS-16190 (ISO 28540-2011)
-Shoe and its parts (PU coating) -Dimethylformamide İSO-TS 16189
Shoe -Determination of sustainability for the deformation of shoe base various temperature
-Determination of the ability of the shoe temperature isolation
-Determination of heat-insulating ability of the shoe
-The determination of the water permeability of the shoe QOST R İSO 5403-1-2013
-Determination of pH İSO-4045-2008
38 Cement -Determination of retention time of cement retention time EN 196-3