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The control laboratory for safety and quality of food

According to the 2008-2015 State Program on reliable provision of population food products in Azerbaijan Republic that approved by the decree of President of the Azerbaijan republic dated on 25 August 20008, the task has been given to the Ministry of Economic development to establish central food testing laboratory in accordance with international standards for controlling over the quality and safety of food products.

According to this task, new laboratory on controlling to the quality and safety of food products in Expertise Center for Consumer Goods has been opened under the Ministry of Economic Development.

All the conditions have been established in the laboratory for determining the physic-chemical, biological and toxicological indicators of food products (meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, canned foods, fruits, plant and animal oils and etc.) in a short time and with high sensitivity.

The laboratory has been equipped with the modern devices of products of well-known companies in the world like “Varian”, “Siemens”, “Laborta”, “Orka Food”, “Esco Biotech”, “Smartze”, and has been accredited by the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents.